The Green Deal Launch Announced

Friday, July 20, 2012

Green Deal Soft Launch Announced

From 1st October homeowners and businesses will be able to take advantage of the new Green Deal which is a raft of financial incentives to improve the energy efficiency of UK buildings.

From the Autumn Green Deal Assessors will be available to advise on the best ways to lower energy bills whilst reducing CO2 emissions. Items such as insulation, low energy boilers and renewable energy systems can be fitted without any upfront costs – the costs being recouped automatically from the reduced energy consumption of the building.  The assessor’s report can be used to help consumers decide on the most appropriate measures, which installer to use and who will provide the Green Deal finance. Then from 28th January 2013 the installations can take place.

With energy costs rising ahead of inflation consumers will begin to reap the benefits of lower fuel bills from day one after installation.

Summary of Green Deal benefits:

  • Energy saving technologies can be installed without upfront cost to property owner.
  • No burdening debt – Green Deal finance will be attached to the property meter and automatically repaid from fuel savings.
  • No outstanding payments if property is sold as loan stays with energy meter in property.
  • Feed-In Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentives will be allowed within the Green Deal.